Caring for Caregivers

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The most important person in the experience is YOU!

We are here to support caregivers of parents, spouses, and friends of any illness or disease.
I call myself an Involuntary Expert.  My experience is from ten years of hands on, day to day, 24/7 care of my husband who had Lewy Body Alzheimer’s.  As I moved along through the new challenges of each year, I kept notes, journals, files of resources, and developed some systems that made my life easier.  While he was in hospice care I learned about end of life issues.  Now it is time to share my knowledge with others on how to stay positive and healthy while facing some of life’s toughest challenges.  Learn more about my background at About Joy.

Explore the site and find tools that will support you under Caregiver Support.  Email me and ask a short question at Speaking With Joy, and I will do my best to lead you to an answer.  Check out the new E Book, Self Care for Caregivers:  The Most Important Person in the Experience is YOU! You can buy it and my tips book,  Self Care for Caregivers:  161 TIPS to Make Your Life Easier, by clicking on the picture of the book to your right.

Explore Written Word for articles from my personal life journal and articles from experts.  Visit favorite web sites for support and check out the recommended book list. Browse my speech topics at Speaking With Joy.

When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I closed my business, Ignite The Community Spirit, and put my life on hold …. until now.  However giving to others is ingrained in my heart and soul, so you will learn about creative non profits, NGO’s, and causes like micro lending on Community.  I encourage you to find a way to get involved.  A percentage of my profits will go toward these organizations.

So have fun, explore the site, and come back often to see what’s new.  Don’t forget to sign up for newsletters, and do check out the Blog page for more tips and resources.

Joyfully …… Joy!

Joy Golliver
Author of "Self Care for Caregivers: The Most Important Person in the Experience is YOU!"
and "Self Care for Caregivers: 161 Tips to make your life easier."
I have co-authored: "Tips, Tools, and Resources for The Second Half of Life."
New programs coming in 2012.

The meaning of life is finding your gift.
The purpose of life is giving it away."

Joy Golliver