About Joy

Joy Golliver is Founder of the Touched By Joy Foundation, a 501-c-3 nonprofit.  The Mission: Celebrate, Educate, Validate, and Empower caregivers of a child, spouse, parent, or friend. She is an Involuntary Expert who got On The Job Training beginning in 2000 when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  She has “been there and done that” while maintaining a positive, bright attitude.  She didn’t choose for this to be her life work, but in May 2008 at a spiritual retreat, it became clear that God had other plans. This is her story:

“At the retreat I kept telling people that “my life was on hold,” that I was attending the retreat because I wanted to find a sense of peace and calm while caring for my husband Bob.  In a meditation session, God made it perfectly clear that my life was not on hold, he had moved me to a CCRC in Arizona, for a reason.   It was a Call to Serve.  I “let go and let God” and resources began to flow in.  I was to use my skills in research, writing, and speaking and pass on what I had learned about caring for a loved one with dignity, love, and a positive attitude.” Joy’s husband of 54 years moved into permanent memory support in January of 2009 and passed away under hospice care February 20, 2010.

Joy has written  Self Care for  Caregivers:  161 Tips To Make Your Life Easier and Self Care for Caregivers:  The Most Important Person In The Experience Is YOU!  Recently she co authored the book Succeeding In Spite of Everything which made Top Selling Author on Amazon in 10 categories. All of these publications are available on the website.  Previously Joy Golliver was founder of the nonprofit Ignite The Community Spirit and presented keynotes across the United States and worked in Kobe Japan.  She is the author of two books on creative community service and a national volunteer newsletter.