Are You A Care Giver?

Often when we think of care giving, we think of one person doing the giving and the “patient” doing all of the taking.  Actually this is not healthy for either party.  The one who is doing all of the giving feels overwhelmed and unappreciated.  The person being cared for feels guilty for putting their spouse or children through this experience.  The patient feels a loss of independence and self esteem.  There is a better way.

CARE GIVER, CARE PARTNER, CARE SHARER.   Whether you are caring for a parent, a spouse or a friend, there is new ways to describe yourself.  These new terms can help you to see that in reality one person does not give and the other only take.  We are a team each playing our special role.  In the book titled Learning To Speak Alzheimer’s, the author Ms Koenig Coste says, “we are care partners, together seeking creative solutions to the challenges we face.”

See how many creative solutions you can discover, and I guarantee that you will find beautiful gifts in the experience.

“As a Care Partner I am the love of God in action.”

Joy J Golliver