Dance For Parkinsons

David Leventhal, formally of the Mark Morris Dance Center has started one of the most unique programs that’s ever crossed my desk. David was famous in the renowned Mark Morris Dance Center, yet after testing a new dance program for Parkinson’s patients he decided to leave the company and pursue his dream of encouraging patients to live joyfully through dance.

He now has classes in seventeen states. The classes are taught by teachers certified through his accreditation process in New York City. You will find the locations on his website

The best way to describe what he does and the positive effects on Parkinson’s patients or caregivers is to view this PBS special aired December 9, 2010.
Check it out at:

Like me, you will be thrilled to watch the change in their bodies as they bend, move, and “release the rose petals” to beautiful relaxing music. It made me want to dance along!