Give And Receive

“The Giver is always giving, and yet it needs a receiver to complete its circuit of circulation.  Are you a receiver?  We must learn to give and receive.”

That statement is by Lloyd Tupper,

When you are a caregiver it seems like you are always giving, and giving, and giving.  And all the ill person does is take, and take, and take.  Neither person feels good about what is happening, and some of us get downright angry about it.  Receivers who are ill, feel guilty for having to be taken care of.  They also want to help out in some way.  Caregivers need the chance to be on the receiving end once in a while.

So two things need to take place.

One: agree that you are Care Partners in this experience.  You are on the journey together and each has a role to play.

Two: Caregivers need to ASK for help and ACCEPT help from friends and family. They want to be in that giving role and you need to be prepared to receive their help.

How do you ask? Be specific about what you want, for example, “Can you take the car and have it washed and gassed up?” “Can you stay with Jim while I run to the grocery store?

I will be gone 2 hours max?”  This way both of you will receive the JOY of being givers and receivers.  Try it, it works!

Touch of JOY