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David Leventhal, formally of the Mark Morris Dance Center has started one of the most unique programs that has ever crossed my desk. Mark was famous in the renowned Mark Morris Dance Center yet after testing a new dance program for Parkinson’s patients he decided to leave the company and to pursue his dream of encouraging patients to live joyfully through dance.

He now has classes in seventeen states. The classes are taught by teachers certified through his accreditation process in New York City. You will find the locations on his website

The best way to describe what he does and the positive effects on Parkinson’s patients or caregivers is to view this PBS special aired December 9, 2010.
Check it out at:

Like me, you will be trilled to watch the change in their bodies as they bend, move, and “release the rose petals” to beautiful relaxing music. It made me want to dance along!

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Let’s Visit Granddad

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My grandchildren visit my husband who has Alzheimer’s Lewybody.  To make it more comfortable for them, we all plan to entertain grandad.  One day my granddaughter did a tap dance routine, while my grandson choose to demonstrated Tai Kwan Do and talk about his black belt.  Another time all of the grandchildren came and decorated their Easter eggs in the activity room so he could watch.  Many pictures were taken during these visits and there was lots of laughter.

On Memorial Day, we “invented” a 500 mile race.  We bought 4 tiny pull back cars in different colors. We made a very simple track with strips of plastic framing material that we taped to the table so the cars couldn’t fall off. We decorated the track with little flags and added a stop ramp at the end.  All of the residents in the memory support unit took a turn while others watched and wondered which car would win!  Granddad enjoyed it all and most importantly his grandchildren felt needed. 

I hope you’ll find that this game can be used over and over.

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Want To Pay It Forward?

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* Next time you pass through the toll booth, pay for the person behind you.

* Drop off a plant, flowers, or an apple pie at the police department.

* Write notes or bring flowers or goodies to your past teachers.

*  Anonymously order dessert for someone at a restaurant.

*  Pay for the person behind you at the drive-through window.

*  Leave a note of appreciation for a hotel bellhop, housekeeper, or concierge.

*  Take flowers to a hospital ward and leave them for someone who hasn’t had any visitors.

*  Open the phone book, pick a name, and send them movie tickets annouymously.

*  Write a think-you note to a person from your past who has made a difference in your life.

*  Surprise a neighbor by mowing their lawn.

*  Bring home-cooked meals, blankets, a bathroom kit, and/or socks to a homeless person in your community.

Find more ideas at  You can also download free Smile cards at

Don’t forget to thank that care giver down the street!!

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Caregiver or Care Partner

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My husband has the greatest Care Parner, Kathy!  As a gift I gave her a T shirt with the folloowing message on it.  The message says everything that is in my heart and describes her to a “T”. 


“The heaing arts are so much more than needles, thermometers, scalpels, and drugs.  It’s the touch of her hand … the tone of her voice… the silent prayers she says over each patient.  In their most vulnerable hour she is there.  Anyone who’s ever been there knows that all the medicine in the world is no match for the touch of her healing hands.  Copyright by Suzy Toronto, 

Click on Suzy’s website and buy a T-shirt for someone you know is a caregiver.  It will mean more than you will ever know.

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Email + Snail Mail

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Did you read about this in the AARP Bulletin?  It is a combination of email and snail mail turned into a computer free personal newsletter.  What would I want that you may ask?  It is a great way to communicate with an elderly loved one who is afraid of computers.

Sunnygram will deliver correspondence and photos to people who shun the computer for just $9.95 a month.  Your loved one will receive it once each week.  It fills the gap between phone calls and visits, for parents or friends who live far away and it gives them something to look forward to.  They can respond back via phone or handwritten note, stationary provided. 

Stay in touch.  Contact www.Sunnygramcom today and see what this great newsletter looks like.

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