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Elijah’s Coin

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A fascinating book on paying it forward that will capture your attention.  “Elijah’s Coin: A Lesson for Life,” was written by Steve O’Brien.  It is the story of a man named Tom Wagner who is on the journey of his life when he meets a mentor named Elijah King during his first robbery attempt.  The book takes many twists and turns in this easy to read novel.  Through Elijah, Tom eventually learns how one person can make a difference, and together with others, change the world.” 

The book comes with two of Elijah’s coins, one to keep and the other to give away.  It received 5 stars on Barnes and Nobel and 6 stars on  I encourage you to buy it today.  Check out our Amazon store. 

Touch of Joy Golliver

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Give and Receive

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“The Giver is always giving, and yet it needs a receiver to complete its circuit of circulation.  Are you a receiver?  We must learn to give and receive.”  That statement is by Lloyd Tupper,

When you are a caregtiver it seems like you are always giving, and giving, and giving.  And you make the ill person take, and take, and take.  Neither feels good about what is happening, and some of us get downright angry about it.  Receivers who are ill feel guilty for having to be taken care of.  They want to help out in some way.  Caregivers need the chance to be on the receiving end once in a while. 

Two things need to take place.  One: agree that you are Care Partners in this experience.  You are on the journey together and each has a role to play. Two: Caregivers need to ASK for help and ACCEPT help from friends and family because they want to be in the giving role and you need to receive their help.  How do you ask?  Be specific about what you want.  “Can you take the car and have it washed and gassed up?”  Can you stay with Jim while I run to the grocery?  I will be gone 2 hours max.”  Both of you will receive the JOY of being givers and receivers.  Try it, it works!

Touch of JOY

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Caregiver Truths

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Anne Lamott has written a book, “Traveling Mercies.”  In it she says that her most popular prayers are, “Help me, help me, help me” and “”Thank you,  thank you, thank you.”  Sounds like the caregivers prayer.

She also has a wonderful quote:  “All you can do is show up for someone in crisis.  Your there-ness … can be life giving, because often everyone else is in hiding.” 

Ain’t it the truth.  If you are a friend of a caregiver …. SHOW UP, the Caregiver already has!

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The World Flag

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Did you know that you can fly a World Flag?  The World Flag was created in 1988 to raise global awareness, inspire innovative solutions, and promote action toward challenges facing our world today.  It serves as a powerful symbol to inspire action and celebrate the pursuit of positive change.  The Flag has flown from New York to Nepal and continues to make its way around the planet spreading its message of unity.  In 1988 while recovering from a serious cycling accident, Paul Carroll created the concept and design of The World Flag. 

The original artwork, (silk on canvas) consisted of all the members of the United Nations surrounding Buckminster Fullers’ Dymaxion map of the earth.  The debut of The Flag was at a Prayer for World Peace event at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

You can purchase a flag or flag T Shirt at  (Text for this blog was taken directly from their website.)

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Let’s Visit Granddad

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My grandchildren visit my husband who has Alzheimer’s Lewybody.  To make it more comfortable for them, we all plan to entertain grandad.  One day my granddaughter did a tap dance routine, while my grandson choose to demonstrated Tai Kwan Do and talk about his black belt.  Another time all of the grandchildren came and decorated their Easter eggs in the activity room so he could watch.  Many pictures were taken during these visits and there was lots of laughter.

On Memorial Day, we “invented” a 500 mile race.  We bought 4 tiny pull back cars in different colors. We made a very simple track with strips of plastic framing material that we taped to the table so the cars couldn’t fall off. We decorated the track with little flags and added a stop ramp at the end.  All of the residents in the memory support unit took a turn while others watched and wondered which car would win!  Granddad enjoyed it all and most importantly his grandchildren felt needed. 

I hope you’ll find that this game can be used over and over.

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