“One person can make a different and together we can change the world.”
Joy Golliver

Pay It ForwardIt starts with our role as a Caregiver and spreads to touching lives, helping others, and making the world a better place in which to live.  On a regular basis I will share the great stories of people who used their creativity to change the world.  Many of these stories of ordinary people are from my two books and numerous newsletters that are currently out of print.  Others are ideas that are being created each and every day around the world.  Use these stories as spring boards of what you might be able to do.  Don’t feel that you have to find a cure for cancer or end famine in the world.  We each have a role to play and whether our role at this moment is small or large, together we make an impact.  We leave Ripples of love on our world by our Simple Touch.
Magic Moments: small ideas that make a difference.  Call clerks by the name on their nametags.  Thank them for staying calm o a busy evening.  Spend quality time with your children or a loved one.  Pick up trash on your morning walk.  Keep your patience while performing your care giving role.  Send a card to a friend that is hurting.  Buy a small little gift for someone for no particular reason.