Flying With A Dementia Patient


Security is essential to keep us safe while traveling. When traveling with a loved one whose health is compromised it‘s even more difficult and can feel like hell. As we continue to hear on the nightly news, it is going to get more challenging.

One tool I’ve used is special business cards that I created. One card addresses the patients illness and the other card has all the emergency phone information.The illness card was not my idea, I actually got it from the Alzheimer’s Association. The card I carry states, “Please be patient my loved one has Alzheimer’s and cannot always answer your questions or follow your orders.” I printed it in bold black lettering on a yellow card stock. I carry many with me when I travel. When I’m taking off my shoes, putting bags up, etc. I make sure one of the agents sees this card. They have been very nice to help me watch him when I either move through the scanner first and/or he goes first. I never did really find a “best” way to do all of that! You can make these cards up for any illness, or for a nervous child as well. They are great to hand to a waitress if they seem to be in a rush or appear impatient with a patient. I suggest you use these discreetly please, so as not to embarrass your loved one.

The second card is the information card with Bob’s name on it. It lists my cell and home phone and all of the names and numbers of my adult children in all parts of the country. That way it is good wherever we might travel. I print these out on Avery type business card labels. Or you could take them to a office supply store for printing. I laminate them and leave them in every single pant or coat pocket that he might wear and in any wallet he might carry. They go through the wash beautifully! I feel secure knowing that if he ever strayed they could find me.


“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

Michael McGriffy MD, www.inspirelist.com

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