Joy’s Journal

Journaling as a support tool


How do you view life?  Is your class half empty or half full?  This is a decision we make many times each day.  We are given opportunities to choose a positive or negative reaction to the situations that confront us.  Choose wisely.

I remember when we were traveling in Africa.  We were in one of the poorest towns I had ever seen.  But I choose to see past the poverty and to connect with the people.  I saw the ways in which their families were so much more connected than ours in the United States. They might not have much money, but they made up for it with deep love and affection.  Every day the fathers, dressed in shirt and tie, left their workplace and went to the school to pick up their children.  Holding hands they walked home together as the children, faces smiling and happy, shared their school day with Dad.  Their glass was half full!

Our son, on summer break from Georgetown University, had a job with the gas company.  He was assigned ditch digging to search for gas leaks.  After a few days we asked how things were going.  He was disgusted saying that the man who was training him started out by showing him a tape measure and taught him how to use it.  Next day they moved on to how to use a shovel.  He was irate.  After all he was a college man.  After a couple of weeks, his attitude changed from irate to admiration for his supervisor.  This man had dug holes for the gas company for 30 years.  He never progressed further than ditch digging.  However, he dug the best hole imaginable.  Every side was absolute perfection and you could measure it to 1/8 inch at any point. The sides were so clean that not even a tiny bit of soil rolled down the sides.  Our son was very impressed and learned a valuable life lesson.  His supervisor worked to his full capacity with perfection and joy.  His glass was always half full.

There is a story going around the Internet with various scenarios.  But the root of the story is about a woman who is moving into a nursing home.  She is dressed in her finest clothes, a beautiful little hat on her head.  She is relaxed with her hands in her lap as she sits in the reception area.  A nurse comes to escort her to her new room.  “I hope you will like your room Mrs. Jones.”  And Mrs. Jones immediately replied, “I know I will.  I have already made up my mind to love it.”  Mrs. Jones always lived with her glass half full.

We all have choices to make.  You can choose the positive path or a negative view point.  How will you choose?  Is your glass half full or half empty?  Mine is not only half full, it is also refillable.  I choose to see all of the things that I am thankful for each and every day.

Joy Golliver