Joy’s Song



At the age of 50 I opened my first business, The Golliver Group. Together, my daughter Pam and I did consultations with mid-management women on dressing for success. In addition, we sold a line of jewelry, briefcases, and more for women on the move. I had been in business for five years and was getting very discouraged. I wanted to quit, but my advisory board said I should keep going for two more years. Reluctantly, in 1989, I put in more money, moved the business into new quarters and prepared for a grand opening. That day my husband suffered a heart attack.

Pam and I decided to put the business on hold until we knew more about his condition. In three weeks Bob was doing great and the two of us stopped in to tell Pam the good news, only to find her crying. Douglas, her friend, had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The irony of it was that she had just spent two weeks in Florida trying to decide if and how to break up with him. The first thing she said to me was, “I will not leave him now and he is never to know.”

Douglas had no family so we moved him into our little condo and she cared for him for the last year that he lived.

Naturally the business was on major pause, but after the funeral, Pam and I looked at each other and knew that God wanted us to learn something from this experience. We both needed time off. We decided to tell our advisory board we were closing the business. They insisted we take time to sell it, but our answer was no. We needed to take a year off to discover the real purpose in our lives.

During that year I traveled with my husband while he was chairman of the Pacific Coast Gas Association. In each city we visited I asked groups of women what was happening in their communities that was unique. Could it be duplicated in other communities? As a result of my questions, I authored Ignite The Community Spirit: 300 Creative Ideas for Community Involvement. Bob and I self-published the book and a business I’d never thought about was created.

That book took me on a completely new path. I began to“sing the song of service~” that led to a second book, a national newsletter, speeches across the United States, and work in Kobe, Japan. Then it became a non-profit agency that I managed for twelve years, loving every minute. However, the non-profit was never strong enough to run without me and eventually I decided to close it.

Just as I was wondering what comes next, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This news has taken me many years to digest. What now and what does this mean for me?

We have moved to a new life in Tucson and I am creating a new song at the age of seventy-three. I will do private coaching and workshops on How to Reinvent Yourself At Any Age. After all, I am my own best example.

So, look out world, here I come…again!


Joy Golliver

Touched By Joy Foundation

Tucson, AZ


~From Joe Sabah’s book: “Are You Singing the Song You Came to Sing?”, 2008