Live Each Day As Your Last

If you think you must surrender your present joy for the one you are caring for, I say,”don’t do it!” The saddest stories I hear, are from people who have waited for tomorrow to live fully today.

 While reading a book by Maxwell Maltz, I found this paragraph that said, “You could try to live each day as if it’s your last. If you image this to be true, you will shed minor irritations that ordinarily plague you. You will be surprised what a calming effect this thought can bring. You will stop worrying about the many little things that added up, destroying happiness. For your last day on earth, why worry about trivia?”

Then he gives us some tips: live each day to the fullest (Joy’s tip, remembering wonderful memories from the past). Set goals for every day (Joy’s tip, have a plan for the day that include you). Tell yourself that you have the right to be happy (Joy’s tip, do something just for yourself even if it’s a small thing). Set aside time for yourself each day (Joy’s tip, sit on your porch and day dream about a special vacation spot, remember eyes closed!). Accept yourself as you are (Joy’s tip, we all get tired and think we can’t do it…We can! So we are not perfect – so what!)