Making New Friends

Good memories are bouncing around in my head today. Moving to Tucson was the perfect move for us in 2006. I have learned to love the desert, even though the mountains are very different in Seattle. Of course I went from lots of green to brown, but it’s so peaceful. The clouds here make the mountains look different every day. The spring blossoms on the cactus are awesome.

Family is here but no close old friends. We have made many new friends in Splendido. They have been so supportive and caring to us as Bob moved through the stages of Alzheimers and then Lewybody dementia.

Now I am seeking new friendships outside of my CCRC (continuing care retirement community).  The Universe has answered my request. I mastermind with Willow, chat with Maria and have support from Dr. V, a new friend in a Life Makeover Group.  Toastmasters was one of my favorite pastimes in Seattle and I have been visiting clubs here. I might even take up round dancing! I have reconnected with the Spiritual Living Church and I am beginning to get active. I am busy making plans for a new way of life…preparing for when I am really alone. I am at peace now and all is well.  I just live each day moment by moment as I look toward the future.