Who Am I Now?

It’s June 26,2009, my 54th wedding anniversary. Who am I now? I’m not a widow, I’m not single, I’m not divorced, but I felt just like all of those. I’m the wife of a man who is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. I live in a house alone now. We furnished it together with things we both liked. Does it fit my tastes now? Is it feminine enough? Are there things that just I love? What is my decorating style now?

During my most difficult care giving days there was not time for my shower. I threw on any old clothes from my closet. I had no time to really choose . No time to shop alone. A new life is facing me now, what is my dressing style?

I am a woman in limbo. This is how it feels to be alone, but still connected by a 54year history of life and love. I hear…Joy Who?

June 2009