The World Flag


Did you know that you can fly a World Flag?  The World Flag was created in 1988 to raise global awareness, inspire innovative solutions, and promote action toward challenges facing our world today.  It serves as a powerful symbol to inspire action and celebrate the pursuit of positive change.  The Flag has flown from New York to Nepal and continues to make its way around the planet spreading its message of unity.  In 1988 while recovering from a serious cycling accident, Paul Carroll created the concept and design of The World Flag. 

The original artwork, (silk on canvas) consisted of all the members of the United Nations surrounding Buckminster Fullers’ Dymaxion map of the earth.  The debut of The Flag was at a Prayer for World Peace event at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

You can purchase a flag or flag T Shirt at www.TheWorldFlag.org.  (Text for this blog was taken directly from their website.)

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