What If?


The mission of  Touched By Joy is based on core values of compassion, caring, and kindness. That is what we offer to Caregivers. But, “What If,” everyone in the world had the same core values of compassion, caring and kindness?

WHAT IF ? Everyone in the world was filled with compassion and caring ? Each person practiced kindness?

WHAT IF ? No country went to war? Had no nuclear bombs? No nation practiced genocide or torture?

WHAT IF ? People around the world just stopped and practiced compassion, caring, and kindness every single day? What if we never cut anyone off in our car? We thanked every store clerk. We had a friendly smile for everyone at work? Said a cheerful hello to everyone we saw. What if we said “I love you every single day to every one in the family and gave them a big hug?

Just for one moment think, WHAT IF ?

Joy Golliver


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